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Monday, September the 7th

I find it unbelievably weird to say this, but, it hasn’t rained since we arrived in Ireland, the temperatures are fine and we have had prolonged periods of sunshine. Lovely! At school they maximize this fair weather to keep the football pitch clean and neat, mow the lawn and refurbish certain parts of the premises. It looks great now!


It’s been also time to visit our students at school, although it’s not always easy to make an appointment with them, as the rules in Irish schools regarding visits is very strict, and for most of them it must coincide with break or lunch time. But that’s for the sake of education; students must not be interrupted… 🙂 Here are some of them, being proud of posing in their Irish school!



It is also great to have a look at the ornaments and appreciate the differences of Irish schools. They obviously support good students, as the following picture shows. We hope one day some of our names will be carved on the panel as well… 🙂



Some of them do not even look like a school, do they?