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La persona, lo primero. 

Te acompañamos en el camino.

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The autumn pretends to appear in Dublin. Today it has been a cloudy day. The temperature has fallen down dramatically and we have taken out our coats from the wardrove for the first time this month. Even though, the forecast for next days seems more optimistic.



During these days we have checked the way that our students are becoming more independent. By themselves they are doing right decissions like managing their own money or picking up the more appropiate clothes for each event.

The enormous initial effort in order to get adapted to their new families and schools is now reflected in their daily. Not only the language but also timetables, irish costumes and meals are now an usual part of their lives.

Our pupils have been force to face different troubles and incidences: being able to get the medicines that they have needed, getting over illnesses far away from their parents, founding the right way home when they have been disoriented, etc.

All these experiencies help to build the personalities of those brave guys, supporting their madurity process in this trascendental period of their lives.

The boys keep on enjoying leisure activities with their irish families: visiting to the zoo, museums and circus, having family meals in typical restaurants, joining local football teams and practising other sports, shopping in the city centre, going to the sore, etc.


 Jorge with his irish family and the pet of Tallaght Football Club.