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La persona, lo primero. 

Te acompañamos en el camino.

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It was too much. After a sunny morning, today in the afternoon it has rained. And it has rained a lot…                                                                 


What a surprise for our children when, at the time they were finishing their classes, the classical autumn rains have appeared suddenly. However, we must be pretty happy because the general assessment of the weather this month is wonderful. Only four more days attending classes, and on Satuday we will be coming back…griefly or joyly? A mix of both…

Miguel, Jaime and Daniel having a break on Saturday morning.

The meals timetable is some of those things that has really impressed our students about Ireland. The classic lunchpack at school with a sandwich and some snack instead of our traditional starter, main course and dessert could sometimes seem pretty strange for spanish people. Furthermore, having dinner at 6 pm in the evening in quite unusual for our students.

IMG 5685


Children in a corridor out of the classrooms at Rockbrook School.

Another fact that draws the attention of our boys are the lockers that are located in the corridors of every school. Some of them are shared by two people, but all students in the higher grades have the opportunity to keep in there their books and other school materials, so they don’t have to bring them back home and they remain unconcerned because their possessions are in a safety place.