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In addition to the regular classes in their schools, our boys attend every Saturday morning English lessons at Rockbrook place, where they have the choice to improve, even more, their language skills.

After that lessons, taught by native teachers, of course, we all go into a day-trip to some place that usually amuses both boys and teachers. The activities, as well as accomodation and schools for our students, are arranged by that organisation, which is a reference in Europe regarding this type of programmes. But, what is exactly Rockbrook International about?

That organisation has been running English language programmes for foreign students in Dublin since 1985. They place them in primary and secondary schools for periods of a term to an academic year or more. By being in class with Irish students, they rapidly learn the language.

Students placed in an Irish school and family will rapidly improve their oral and written English, while simultaneously experiencing the traditional Irish culture and way of life, which is noted for its hospitality and friendliness.


Main building at Rockbrook facilities, where children study English on Saturdays.

 But our students not only are learning English language by staying here. As some of them recognize, attending regular classes in those schools also allow them to learn new contents, some of them related to Irish history and geography. For instance, they now know that the land distribution policy here is different from Spain, being Ireland subdivided into four big provinces and 26 counties instead our “Comunidades y Provincias”. Interesting, isn’t it?