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La persona, lo primero. 

Te acompañamos en el camino.

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‘Here comes the Sun (day)’, The Beatles would say…We wake up a bit earlier than usual and we get dressed, have breakfast and prepare to go to Mass. Each of us will have different plans, depending on what the Irish family has thought about. There are various possibilities, such us playing in the garden, going to the mountain, having a walk along the beach or watch TV with our families, but, above all, have fun and practice our English. It is also very interesting  to pay attention to the particular things that make them different. There is much to be found and appreciated in Ireland!

All districts in Dublin have big stones with their names carved on them. There are also parks with different animals, such as donkeys or goats, and it is very easy to see squirrels in the parks and foxes at night.



There is also a possibility to visit many castles very near Dublin. Some of them have been kept in magnificent conditions.