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La persona, lo primero. 

Te acompañamos en el camino.

La persona, lo primero. 

Te acompañamos en el camino.

The month has passed on quicker than we could imagine. Tomorrow morning we will be going by bus to the airport, and in the afternoon, at about 15:30h, we will already be in Bilbao. It has been an incredible month, full of learning and amusing situations, but today it’s time to get ready for the return trip…


Eleven students from our school are coming back tomorrow. Let’s have a look today at the reflections of the two oldest boys in this group, Jorge and Hugo, who are attending to classes in De la Salle School. Hugo agrees with most of their parners by saying that the beginning is the most difficult time: “Al principio te cuesta un poc integrarte en el colegio y no perderte, pero luego todo es muy fácil y no cuesta entender el inglés”. Meanwhile, Jorge expresses more or less the same about school and adaptation process, and he also tells us about his best experience this month: “Aparte de las excursiones de los sábados, el día que más me divertí fué el domingo 14 en el que fuí con mi familia a ver un partido de fútbol. Empataron a cero pero fue entretenido”. Irish have really nice facilities in order to do physical activity, especially grass fields in a very good contition, since the weather tends to be optimal for plant growth.


Hugo and Jorge in the school’s corridor, where scientific posters are displayed.

We leave tomorrow, but some great representatives from Las Fuentes School remain here: David and Alejandro. They are staying until November, and we wish them all the best during this time. Today their new tutor has been introduced to them. His name is Álvaro, he works for Rockbrook International and he will visit the students periodicly at school, taking control of what they do.

la foto 3 1

Alejandro and David in the library, where they do their homework during Irish lessons.

 la foto 4 1

Alejandro and David in front of some art works in St. Conleths College, where they study.

And this is the end. It has been a pleasure making this blog in order to show the lifestyle of our students in Ireland, we are very grateful to all our readers and really hope that next year this wonderful experience can be repeated again.