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English lessons don’t have to take place in the same classroom. Not always. At Las Fuentes school, they are usually given in the computers room, which is fully-equipped with 25 Mac computers. Students are taken there once a week –or a fortnight, depending on each group´s circumstances- to keep learning English differently.

There are several reasons why we do this in our school. Firstly, the wide variety of online resources allows us to address individual needs more efficiently. Similarly, it makes it easier to improve all skills, especially listening and pronunciation, as using headsets makes it possible to turn this room into a language lab. Last but not least, students find it motivating to break the routine and work with computers. Not to mention the cross-curricular need to practice computer skills.

But English learning should not stop at school. This way of working also gives learners a chance to keep practicing at home, with special attention to oral skills. You can try and see for yourselves by clicking on the English section in Favoritos Las Fuentes.

In order to make the most of the resources a tour disposal, students should bring their headphones with them. Please remember that there are lockers available in the Mac room where headphones can be stored.